Where We've Been

Here’s a list of all the countries we’ve visited since we started traveling together in 2015. Click on each one to learn more!



We haven’t spent much time in Austria, but it is a country we hope to explore more. So far, we have spent one day in Vienna, two days in Salzburg, and a half day in Hallstatt. With mountains, lakes, and stunning villages, Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.


Belgium, the land of delicious frites & world class beer! Bruges is one of Kelly’s absolute favorite cities, and we know we will return there many times. Here are our recent posts on Belgium:


We spent a bit of time in France during Euro2016 (which led us to write this post about safety at sporting events), but our favorite trip to France by far is the one we took to the Alsace wine route in December 2016. Here are our France travel posts:


Germany is one of the coolest countries we’ve ever visited, and we definitely want to explore more of it. Our very first trip together was to Munich in 2015 (we didn’t blog then!) and since then we’ve been to Berlin a few time. But, hopefully a trip to Oktoberfest and to some different parts of Germany will happen soon. Here are our posts about Germany:

The Netherlands

We’ve been to Amsterdam multiple times, but have yet to write about it! Coming soon…


We don’t have any blog posts about Portugal yet because we’ve only spent a few hours exploring Faro. However, Porto and the Douro Valley is one of our confirmed destinations for 2019 and we look forward to eating more pastel de nata!

The Americas



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