Where We’ve Been

We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel for most of our lives, but the desire to see the world really picked up after meeting each other. These are the places we have been, both together and separately, since we started travelling together in 2015.


Austria: Vienna

Belgium: Bruges

England: Brighton // Bristol // The Cotswolds // Dorset // Henley-on-Thames // Isle of Wight // London // Seaham // Yorkshire

France: Alsace // Marseille // Nice // Paris // St-Etienne

Germany: Berlin // Munich

Ireland: Dublin

Italy: Florence // Milan

San Marino: San Marino

Scotland: Glasgow // Loch Lomond

Slovakia: Bratislava

Spain: Barcelona

Switzerland: Basel // Zermatt

Turkey: Istanbul

North & Central America

Barbados: Barbados

Dominican Republic: Punta Cana

United States: Boston, MA // New York, NY // Steamboat Springs, CO // Virginia // Washington, DC


Maldives: Kandolhu

Turkey: Bozcaada // Izmir