Where to drink Guinness in Dublin

Where to Drink Guinness in Dublin

It can only be assumed that everyone’s first question when they step off the plane in Dublin is, “Where’s the Guinness?”, and rightly so! After all, Guinness is definitely best enjoyed in its homeland. Luckily, in Ireland (and Dublin, especially), Guinness is pretty much everywhere. But where can you get the best Guinness in Dublin? That’s what we’re here for! In this guide, we’re sharing all of the best spots for enjoying the perfect pint. You’ll never again wonder where to drink Guinness in Dublin.

This post is not sponsored by Guinness (I wish it was!), but simply comes from two families of Guinness lovers. If you don’t like Guinness, we recommend you read this anyway – all of these spots are great no matter what your drink of choice is! Also, drink responsibly. It is not advised to visit all of these locations in one day. But, if you do, we want to hear all of the stories!

Where to Drink Guinness in Dublin

Here are ten of the best spots for drinking Guinness in Dublin. Make sure you also try a Baby Guinness while you’re visiting – it’s a shot made of Kahlua and Bailey’s and is perhaps the most drinkable shot you’ll ever have.

1. Pour your own pint of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse

Enjoy Guinness like it is meant to be enjoyed at the Guinness Storehouse! Your €19.50 ticket will take you on the ultimate Guinness experience, where you can learn about the history of Guinness and the process of making it. On the fourth floor, learn the art of pouring a Guinness before you pour one for yourself. Did you know that it takes 119.5 seconds exactly to pour a pint of Guinness? Find out why at the Guinness Academy or, if you want to treat yourself, a private connoisseur experience.

Book your Guinness Storehouse tickets here!

Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar - Where to drink Guinness in Dublin

At the end, the tour deposits you at the Gravity Bar, where you can experience 360-degree views of Dublin with your pint in hand. Talk about #GuinnessGoals!

Did you know? A perfect pint of Guinness will take exactly 119.5 seconds to pour!

2. Drink Guinness & its siblings at Open Gate Brewery

I’m not going to lie, this is my new favorite spot in Dublin! Open Gate Brewery is an experimental brewery where Guinness brewers can try their hands a new beers. Some of these beers will eventually make their way around the world, but many will never leave the gates of the brewery.

It costs €8 to visit, and a flight of 4 beers is included in that cost. Instead of a tour, you essentially sit in the centre of the brewery and have the chance to talk with the brewers and bar staff about they various beers. They’re so knowledgeable and so friendly. So go in, try 4 new beers, and then purchase yourself a pint of Guinness to top it all off!

3. Pre-game a GAA Match with Guinness at Phil Ryan’s The Hogan Stand

If you’re heading to Croke Park for a Gaelic Football or Hurling match, stop by Phil Ryan’s The Hogan Stand beforehand for a pint or two. It’s ram packed and has a great atmosphere before big games. You can drink at Croke Park, too, but cannot take your drinks into the stands, so if you’re planning to have a pint there, allow ample time to drink it before the match starts!

Merchant's Arch Pub - Where to drink Guinness in Dublin

4. Sip your Guinness and sing along to live music at Merchant’s Arch

Whenever someone mentions that they’re heading to Dublin, I blurt out the name ‘Merchant’s Arch’ before they even finish asking me for recommendations. Merchant’s Arch is located on the edge of Temple Bar, which makes it a very touristy spot. However, it’s also my absolute favorite spot for live music in Dublin. The musicians are always incredibly talented and there are enough drunk tourists singing along that you never feel embarrassed to join in. Make sure you take a few sips of your Guinness before turning away from the bar; otherwise, someone is bound to bump into you and spill half of it!

5. Enjoy a Guinness in Ireland’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head

A trip to Dublin wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Brazen Head. The pub proudly boasts itself as Ireland’s Oldest, established in 1198. There’s a lovely courtyard to sit in on a nice day, and plenty of space inside. However, The Brazen Head gets extremely crowded, so if you’re looking to eat there, expect to hover around for a bit before a table becomes available. Luckily, there’s plenty of Guinness to keep you occupied while you’re waiting!

Auld Dubliner - Where to drink Guinness in Dublin

6. Pay a lot for your Guinness in Temple Bar

It is well known that Temple Bar is perhaps the most touristy area of Dublin, but I secretly love it. If you want a true Irish experience, you have to visit Temple Bar while you’re visiting Dublin. You just have to! Because it’s a touristy area, you can expect to pay more than you would in other areas of Dublin; I haven’t verified this (I don’t really pay attention to that sort of thing), but even if it is true, I recommend Temple Bar for at least one drink. There’s always live music, a ton of people, and a great atmosphere.

The most famous spot in Temple Bar is The Temple Bar, but my favorite spot is Auld Dubliner. Fitzsimons is a great late night spot and, if you want something that isn’t on the main strip, The Old Storehouse is another fun spot.

Treat yourself to a Dublin Pub Crawl for a real experience!
The Bank College Green - Where to Drink Guinness in Dublin
The stunning interior at The Bank

7. Feel fancy while drinking Guinness at The Bank

Located near Trinity College, The Bank is a great bar and restaurant located in a stunning former bank building. It’s centrally located, so perfect after a day of sightseeing or a visit to the Book of Kells. I personally think it’s worth stopping in for the interior alone, so even if you just stop for one drink, it’ll be well worth it. If you’re not feeling Guinness, they serve incredible Bloody Mary’s! Don’t forget to spend some time looking up while you’re enjoying your drink; the ceiling is probably my favorite part of The Bank.

8. Drink Guinness at church

Yes, you read that right! The Church, located on the corner of Mary Street and Jervis Street, is a great place to stop after a day of shopping. It was known as St. Mary’s Church of Ireland until 1964 and was renovated in 2005 into a bar and restaurant. The best part? Arthur Guinness, the founder of Guinness, got married in the church in 1761! So it’s only fair that you pop in for a pint of Guinness while visiting Dublin!

Arthur Guinness got married at St. Mary’s Church in 1671; now, it’s a bar and a restaurant and – yes – they serve Guinness!

9. Drink Guinness with Gerard Butler at Whelan’s

The live music scenes in P.S. I Love You were filmed at Whelan’s, which is an extremely popular live music venue in Dublin. Head there on just about any night for a Guinness and a gig. Here’s the video I know you want to watch. You’re welcome. NOTE: A Gerard Butler sighting is not guaranteed and is, in fact, very unlikely.

Where to Drink Guinness in Dublin

10. Keep drinking Guinness until 2am at Flannery’s

There are plenty of late night spots in Dublin, but Flannery’s is one that continues to feel more like a pub than a club until the wee hours of the morning. Open until 2:30am everyday, Flannery’s is a fantastic spot for a late night Guinness. Make your way into the heated beer garden if you want to actually have a conversation; otherwise, you can dance the night away inside.

Map: Where to Drink Guinness in Dublin

All of the spots listed above are on this map. Download it before you head to Dublin so you always know where to find a pint of Guinness. Alternatively, walk into any pub when you’re feeling thirsty – they’ll almost all serve the good stuff!

We hope you enjoy these recommendations for where to drink Guinness in Dublin! If you need anymore recommendations for bars, restaurants, or tourist attractions in Dublin, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Or, check out these attractions in Dublin! As always, drop any questions or comments in the comments below.


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