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We’re Kelly and Sean – a young professional couple with a slight (okay, not so slight) obsession with travel. When we’re not stuck at work, we spend our time traveling around Europe, showing our dog the beauty of the UK, and exploring our hometown of London. Because we both work full-time, we’ve learned to travel extremely efficiently, making the most of our time and experiencing as many local experiences as possible. Our favorite way to do this is through trying local beer and wine, deeply exploring small neighborhoods, and staying in local accommodation (AirBnbs are great for this!).

Skiing in Zermatt - Hot Chocolate break at Chez Vrony


Writer. Photographer. Social Media Nut.
The original wine lover in our relationship.


Dog Walker. Model. Adventurer.
The original beer lover in our relationship.

Find out what it's like travelling with a dog - we're sharing our stories after six months.


Fur Ball. Cuddle Monster.
The only mud lover in our family.


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Slow Travel on a Time Crunch

The concept of slow travel really appeals to us. Slow travel allows travellers to truly immerse themselves in a culture, get to know the people, indulge in local delicacies. And, most importantly, experience things differently from your average tourist. However, slow travel is not for us as full-time workers – we simply do not have the time. We don’t want to give up the quantity of travel that we are able to do, but that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice the quality, either.

Our goal at A Pair of Passports is to enable part-time or leisure travellers to get the most out of a destination, even when they are on a time crunch. Whether a solo traveller or a couple chooses to spend their time pursuing one of their passions (wine, anyone?) or retracing historic moments, we believe it is possible to adopt ‘slow travel’ on a time crunch – and we are here to show others how to do so!

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Looking for general travel tips, or wondering what equipment we prefer? We’ve got you covered!

It’s possible to embrace slow travel, even when you’re on a time crunch.

Contact us if you have any questions about slow travel on a time crunch, or if you’re curious how to embrace the travel style.