Where to go for Après Ski in Zermatt, Switzerland

April 7, 2018
Apres Ski in Zermatt - Where to drink in Zermatt - Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland offers some of the best skiing in the world, but it also offers so much more than that. With it’s charming village feel, award winning restaurants, and stunning Matterhorn views, it’s the perfect place for a holiday (ski or no ski) year round. And whether you ski or hike or hit the spa, there is nothing better than ending the day with après ski in Zermatt. As seasoned après skiers, we’re sharing the best places for après ski in Zermatt.

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The Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World

March 21, 2018
Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

It’s officially Spring here in the UK, meaning that warmer weather is (hopefully) around the corner and we’re itching to spend some time outside! One of our favorite ways to spend quality time outside is to book a glamping weekend. Yes, glamping, AKA ‘glamorous camping’. Glamping is the perfect mix of ‘roughing it’ outdoors and living comfortably, and we’ve quickly learned that there are some truly incredible glamping destinations out there. So, we’ve teamed up with some other travel bloggers to put together a list of the dreamiest glamping destinations around the world.

From glamping in a bubble under the stars to glamping with stunning mountain views, we’re awestruck by these beautiful glamping destinations. Here are 27 glamping destinations you’ll no doubt be dying to check out for yourself:

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Dog Friendly Travel

Our Favorite Travel Accessories for Travelling with a Dog

March 15, 2018
What to Pack for Dog Friendly Travel | Travel Accessories for Dogs | Essential Items for Travelling with a Dog

Travelling with a dog is one of the best things that you can do, when your travel schedule allows for it. Not only will you be happier on your travels and form incredible memories with your pet, but it can also save you a ton of money and hassle by eliminating the need to find dog care. Our journeys around the UK with Giorgio are responsible for some of our fondest travel memories, and we actually find ourselves planning dog-friendly travel more and more because we have such a great time exploring with him.

As glorious as we make dog-friendly travel seem, traveling with a dog is not as easy as get up and go. There is a lot of preparation that goes into travelling with a dog, such as finding dog-friendly accommodation and identifying dog-friendly places that you can stop. Additionally, it’s not so easy to pack up everything dog related that you own and throw it in the car, so having travel-specific pet accessories can make your dog-friendly travel much more stress-free.

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The Best Spots for Photos of the Matterhorn

March 2, 2018
Photos of the Matterhorn

It’s pretty much impossible to visit Zermatt, Switzerland without taking (many) photos of the Matterhorn. The gorgeous mountain towers over the entire village and is essentially an attraction itself, so it’s not surprising that it’s a popular subject for photos. But where should you go to get the best photos of the Matterhorn? We teamed up with a couple of other bloggers to come up with a totally instaworthy list!

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Traveling Together

A Short-Term Couples Travel Bucket List

February 13, 2018
Our Couples Travel Bucket List

At the beginning of the year, I started laying out all of our travel plans for 2018. However, as I sat there thinking about what I really wanted to do, I realized that I didn’t have a list of items that could be accomplished in one year. Instead, I was thinking about the big ticket trips I wanted to do. The ones that involve saving, or planning, or a bit of both. That’s part of the reason why we only have a few finalized plans for 2018; we’ve been too busy planning for the (slightly) longer term. So, instead of having some epic list of our upcoming 2018 travels, I’ve created this short-term couples travel bucket list.

If you’re a couple that is struggling with travel inspiration at the moment, or you can’t figure out exactly what you want to do for your week off work this summer, take a look at these 7 trips. Even better, challenge yourself to tick off all 7 in the next 3 years – that’s our goal!

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