We’re Back! (& Our 2018 Travel Plans)

February 11, 2018

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, surely, you’ve been thinking about us non-stop recently, right? Oh – is that not how it works? Hmmm…in that case, maybe we won’t take a 4 month break from blogging next time!

But the good news is we’re back. And better than before! Not really – nothing has changed. But we are back and ready to jump back into sharing our travels. Or at least dip our toes in the water before putting in one leg, and then the next, and then slowly dipping our bodies in. We have so much to share with you guys!

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Weekend Breaks

5 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Europe

August 23, 2017

Today marks our one year anniversary of travelling as a married couple. Yes, that’s right, this crazy intimate registry office wedding happened one year ago today! To celebrate the conclusion of our first year of marriage, we are dedicating this post to what we do best – part-time couples travel. One of the major downsides of part-time travel is that it almost always has to be done on the weekends and, therefore, relatively close to home. Lucky for us, Europe is right on our doorstep and there is no shortage of destinations for romantic weekend getaways in Europe. So, if we are celebrating an anniversary or birthday (or just in the mood for a romantic getaway), there are so many places to choose from for our romantic weekend getaway.

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The Maldives

10 Awesome Things to do in The Maldives

August 17, 2017
Things to do in the Maldives | Kandolhu Maldives Island Activities

As many of you know, we recently returned from our honeymoon at Kandolhu, Maldives. Because it was our honeymoon, we pretty much planned to do nothing (except for scuba diving!). However, we were so impressed with how much there was to do on the island, despite it’s tiny size, that we ended up trying to do as much of it as possible. Activities are a great way to break up a long vacation while making memories in the process. Going into the trip, we knew about certain things to do in the Maldives (i.e., snorkelling), but we were pleasantly surprised by some of the other activities offered at Kandolhu.

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The Maldives

Kandolhu Island, Maldives: A Perfect Paradise

August 9, 2017

There is something so incredible about completely disconnecting and spending days doing practically nothing other than lying in the sun for hours on end. And that’s exactly what we did during our week long honeymoon in the Maldives. Kandolhu, Maldives is the perfect island paradise for a romantic getaway and truly did it’s job as a honeymoon destination, creating a private and romantic experience for us. We spent 7 night on this paradise island wining, dining, and scuba diving. And we can confidently conclude that it is the perfect honeymoon location for those looking to unwind and truly relish in their newlywed status.

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Is this the Most Scenic Drive in Scotland?

July 12, 2017
Photos to take every time you travel - how to take epic travel photos - improve your travel photography

After experiencing the beauty of Loch Lomond first hand while glamping at Portnellan Farm, we knew we wanted to share all of the details of our trip. Perhaps our favorite part (other than the epic sunset we witnessed at Portnellan Farm) was this scenic drive around Loch Lomond. While Loch Lomond does not necessarily have a ‘ring road’ or ‘golden circle’, it does have it’s own circular route, even if it doesn’t come with a fancy name. We did not make it all the way around, but we did map it all the way out in hopes that we would. This may or may not be the most beautiful scenic drive in the UK, but it’s definitely high on the list regardless.

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