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Our Couples Travel Crushes – Awesome Couples to Follow on Instagram

One of the best things about being part of the travel blog community is the travel blog community. There are always people willing to provide you with recommendations, share your content, inspire you to travel, and make you think ‘wow, we love the way they travel!‘. Instagram has historically been one of our favourite places to discover new travel couples to follow. But, with a constant flood of paid advertisements and ‘copycat’ photos filling our feeds, it’s often hard to find the ones that are truly inspirational. So we’ve done the hard work for you by curating this list of inspiration travel couples to follow on Instagram, also known as our Instagram Couples Travel Crushes.

As a couple who loves to travel, we are immediately drawn to other couples who like to travel. So, although there are hundreds of inspiring travellers out there, we chose to focus on the travel couples whose content we constantly look forward to seeing. Whether you’re looking for a travel community to join, some romantic inspiration, or someone you can turn to for travel and destination tips, we’re sure you’ll find value in following these travel couples on Instagram.

Inspirational Travel Couples to Follow on Instagram

Each one of these travel couples brings something unique to the table, so they’re presented in no particular order. We recommend that you follow them all! And leave your recommendations for travel couples on Instagram in the comments below!

Alli & Bobby – Traveling Newlyweds

We started following Alli and Bobby before the thought of a travel blog even existed in our minds and, as we get to know them better, we love them even more! These two are the definition of a fun couple; they seriously know how to have a good time wherever they are, whether it’s dancing their way through Napa or hitting the beach with their adorable pup, Sally. If you like feeling like you could be best friends with the accounts you follow on Instagram, you need to follow Traveling Newlyweds immediately! They also blog over on Traveling Newlyweds.

Xavier & Katie – XK Flyaway

Xavier is an absolute genius behind the camera, so he and Katie have some wonderfully original photos on their feed. But our favorite thing about their account is the openness and honesty behind every photo and its caption. Whether it’s sharing fears or opening up about their own struggles, these two do more than take pretty photos – they’re starting discussions and encouraging a community. But we love their photos, too!

Andrew & Emily – Along Dusty Roads

When I think of the term storytelling, Andrew & Emily always pop into my head. They capture incredibly genuine moments from locals while they travel and do a stellar job sharing them on Instagram stories. Sometimes I feel like I’m flipping through a travel magazine while clicking through their snaps! Their photography is also amazing and their Instagram feed could be an art gallery. And they’re really cool, so if you have the chance to meet them on your travels, take it! Find more travel inspiration on their blog, Along Dusty Roads.

Mark & Mim – The Common Wanderer

Mark & Mim embody everything that is wonderful about the travel blogging community. We first met them at a Traverse event after a few email exchanges and have loved following their travels ever since. First of all, these guys are two of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. They’re also incredibly responsible travelers, and they care about informing you on how you can be, too, instead of calling you out. And then there are the photos. Their photography is beyond incredible – it’s no wonder so many people want to be a part of their #ichosetowander community! They also share travel tips and more over on their blog, The Common Wanderer.

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Kara & Nate

Kara & Nate are another couple that we met at a blogging event, and it’s been so fun to watch them BLOW UP over the past year and a half. These two are so fun, and their personalities shine through in their Instagram posts. They also have a ton of knowledge when it comes to travel hacking, one of the best skills any travel lover can have. Make sure you check them out on Youtube, too – that’s where they really shine!

Luke & Nell – What if We Walked

We only recently discovered Luke & Nell on Instagram, but absolutely love everything about their travel style. They are embracing slow travel in its slowest form by exploring by walking – and they’re getting some truly stunning photos and sharing some beautiful stories along the way! We can’t wait to follow these two as they continue to explore Europe & beyond. They blog, too, over on What if we walked?

Lena & Bassam – Happily Ever Adventures

When it comes to blogging and Instagram, Lena & Bassam go beyond couples travel and focus on relationships in general. We love that they look for & document the romance in the everyday, even if that just means sharing a glass of wine at home. Lena is a rockstar on Instagram stories, too, always giving a behind the scenes look into their daily lives. Everything these two do is wonderfully romantic, so we definitely recommend following them if you love romance as much as we do! For date ideas and stunning California travels, check out their blog, Happily Ever Adventures.

Jess & Stephen – Flying the Nest

Jess & Stephen were one of the first travel couples we started following. They seem so much fun in their Youtube videos that we instantly wanted to go everywhere they went! Now their skills are really starting to shine through on Instagram, as well. Their photos are crisp and clean and you can tell how happy and in love they are! They also vlog all of their travels on Flying the Nest.

Kelly & Sean – A Pair of Passports

Obviously we want you to follow us, too! Head over to our Instagram for plenty of dog-friendly travels, romantic moments, and adventures around the UK. We can’t travel much, but we make the most of it when we do!

This post was updated November 2018.

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