JORD Dover Koa & Black - Men's Watch - Wooden Watch

Gift Guide: A Unique JORD Wood Watch for the Stylish Traveler

Both of us have always been rather style conscious – well, Sean at least in recent years. While we do not spend our evenings dressing up for black tie events and neither of us have to wear a suit to work everyday, we do not necessarily “dress down” either. We both employ my favorite style label, “snappy casual”, quite regularly and naturally. We like to look and feel nice and purchase quality clothes and accessories as a result.

Okay, fine. Sean’s mom used to buy all of his clothes for him and now he and I go and pick out things for him together. He just wears what he finds in his wardrobe and everything is neutral enough to match anyway! Still, he likes nice things, and is actually snobbier than I am when it comes to trying a new brand. However, since my time working at Bow & Drape, I am always keen to try and support new fashion & tech brands, so was thrilled when JORD Wood Watches reached out to us!

Let me tell you. Tried & tested, by Sean (and yours truly – I stole his watch for a hot second), a JORD watch would make the perfect Christmas gift for your style-conscious traveling friend. The watches are adventurous, high quality, and super stylish. Whether in the mountains or the street, they’re sure to make a statement! Also, because they’re made 100% from wood, each design is fully unique – no cuts and patterns of wood are the exact same. So pick out a design that matches your friends personality and the exact watch that arrives will be theirs, and only theirs!

About JORD

JORD is unique in both their vision and their method. They create handcrafted timepieces from top-notch wood varieties including bamboo, walnut, and sandalwood. The brand & its products embody adventure, value sustainability, and embrace the journey of life. In fact, my favorite line from their website is:

“We make our watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go”

Everything about JORD, from the design of their watches to their values, matches our spirit of adventure. Their wide range of designs for both men and women also means that there’s something to match everyone’s style. This brand was built by and for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and fashionistas alike, and it shows in everything that they do!

Sean’s JORD Wood Watch

JORD Dover Koa & Black - Men's Watch - Wooden Watch

Sean picked out Dover in Koa & Black. The light color is perfect for both dressing up and dressing down and contrasts his previous watch – a classic, black leather strap design – for a new, fresh look. Sean’s original favorite was the Conway Kosso & Midnight Blue and, though we weren’t sure about the Dover Koa & Black at first based on the photo, it’s absolutely perfect in real life!

Designs for Him

JORD Dover Koa & Black - Men's Watch - Wooden Watch

Men often put accessories on the back burner (Sean much prefers shopping for Xbox games), which is why watches are such a great gift for them. They won’t even know they wanted one until they open up the box to find an accessory they actually like!

JORD’s mens watches are both sporty and sleek, so they’ll look great anywhere from the campfire to the cubicle (just not in the campfire – they are wood, after all!). There are a range of color options, sizes, and styles, from the unisex Frankie series to the ultra macho Sawyer. The prices range from $129-$395 (about £100-£308).

JORD Dover Koa & Black - Men's Watch - Wooden Watch

To check out more men’s styles and select the one that is right for you, visit JORD’s men’s shop.

Designs for Her

JORD Dover Koa & Black - Men's Watch - Wooden Watch

I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t like anything on the JORD website – after all, I’m not the most outdoorsy person in the world, and I didn’t picture a wood watch to really be my thing. I also have really tiny wrists and thought wooden watches were bound to be bulky. However, when I started browsing the women’s section, I immediately noticed the variety of designs – and how many of them I liked!

JORD really does have a design for every taste – from the simple and classic design of the thin-banded Frankie series to the more modern and square Reece series. Also – I must say, in addition to the high quality wood frames, the faces are beautiful – emerald, champagne, rose gold, I love them all!

Here are some of my favorites style & color combinations – check out JORD’s women’s shop for more:

JORD Wood Watches - JORD Womens Watches
Frankie – Dark Sandalwood & Smoke | Fieldcrest – Maple | Reece – Walnut & Navy | Frankie 35 – Zebrawood & Champagne

Win $75 toward a watch of your choice!

JORD Dover Koa & Black - Men's Watch - Wooden Watch

If reading this post has you as in love with JORD as we are, don’t miss out on your chance to win $75 toward a watch of your choosing! Whether you have one in mind for yourself or someone special in your life, there is still time to put an order in and receive it in time for the holidays. The best part? It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. JORD ships internationally – for free!

Click here to enter for your chance to win!


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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. Sean received a complementary Dover – Koa & Black in exchange for this review. However, as always, all opinions and words above are our own.

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Give the gift of style this Christmas with JORD wood watches - a truly unique, timeless accessory.

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