How We Do It

We are dreamers who love exploring the world. Travel is something we plan for, save for, talk about all the time, and look forward to. We believe that seeing the world can change your perspective, help you grow as a person, and give you the best possible memories. Above all, we consistently squash the notion that you have to travel full-time to really see the world. That you have to quit your job, purchase a backpack, and head out for an extended period of time. That you can’t really get to know a city unless you’re there for awhile. We squash that notion with each day we spend planning, traveling, or blogging. We want you to squash it, too!

See the world - Bruges, Belgium; How A Pair of Passports Do It
©A Pair of Passports: Bruges, Belgium - December 2016

Kelly has always been a writer. She has blogged on multiple channels throughout her life, and writes short stories in her free time to get thoughts off her mind. Who knows, you might even see a book from her one day! (Seriously, it’ll likely be a rom-com set at Christmas)

In 2013, she discovered traveling. 2014 brought Sean into her life. In 2015, they started traveling together. Suddenly, her writing became geared toward traveling and sharing the adventures they were so fortunate to experience together. Upon graduating from Boston University and moving to London, the real world hit. There was major conflict between starting a career and seeing the world…until she realized that she didn’t have to pick just one!

We want to inspire you to travel, even if you have a full time job!

We truly believe that, in order to be a successful 9-5er and also the wanderer you aspire to be, you have to be cautious of 3 things –

Moscow Russia
©A Pair of Passports: Moscow, Russia - June 2018

Choose the locations you visit based on where you live. If you’re in the USA, you can see most of North America on small weekend trips; if you’re in Europe, you can see most of Europe on small weekend trips; and so on. When you have more time off (Christmas break, summer holiday, etc.) you can go further away or squeeze a couple of places into one trip – road trip!


You’ll save money when you plan in advance. Choose the cheapest flight for a particular weekend and plan around that. By planning in advance (but still leaving room for flexibility), you can cram much more into the two days you have available. Planning also allows you to focus on what you want to focus on and experience a place as the locals do. Research locals tips, festivals and events, or insider itineraries which will help you make the most of your short time in a destination.


Be wise! You’ve chosen travel as the thing you would like to spend money on – that means you have to sacrifice it elsewhere. Budget accordingly and you’ll feel much better while you’re typing your credit card number into that booking form. Believe me, even we struggle with this! But we have a savings account that is used for two things – emergencies and travel – so occasionally we have to give up buying cool new gadgets in order to make a trip happen. It’s worth it, though!

Hopefully this blog will inspire you to travel – either solo or with a loved one – and guide you toward the best ways of doing so, no matter what your circumstances are in life. We are so eager to share our experiences, advice, and plans with you!

If you need proof that you can make this happen, check out the places we’ve been.