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Glamping in Hampshire: Our Return to Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts

When Sean and I visited Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts last year (you can read about that here!), we decided almost immediately that we would return to our favorite spot for glamping in Hampshire. This time, we brought along two friends, booked out the hot tub, and headed south at a slightly warmer time of year. I didn’t think that we could possibly love Wriggly Tin any more but, after our recent visit, we are even more hooked. There’s no doubt we will be returning to this place every year!

Glamping at Wriggly Tin

In true glamping (glamorous camping) fashion, staying at Wriggly Tin allows you to relax in nature without losing all of the amenities of your life at home. The fact that there is no electricity is more than made up for with the comfiest beds, wood-burning fires for warming your huts, toilet & shower facilities, and (if you choose to indulge) delicious meal options. So you can truly unplug and enjoy a weekend out of the city, surrounded by nothing but fresh air and – hopefully – sunshine!

Arriving at Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts

We arrived at Wriggly Tin on Friday evening after the nightmare that is getting out of London by car on a Friday evening. Wriggly Tin’s owner, Alex, met us and took us to our hut, Old Winchester. We chose to book Old Winchester because it opens up the opportunity to use the wood-burning hot tub, and it’s also set apart from all of the other huts. Our friends were staying in Walton, but we spent almost all of our time in our private area over near Old Winchester.

Upon arrival, we immediately got all of the fires started. It wasn’t a cold night, but we wanted things up and running when it was time for dinner. We lit the wood-burning stove inside, and also built a bonfire outside. Then, we toasted to the start of a weekend away with some English Sparkling Wine from Bosue Vineyards.

First Night Dinners

When you book a stay at Wriggly Tin, you can choose to purchase a first night dinner for £12.50 per person. This cuts out the stress of arriving and preparing a meal on Night 1. Alex makes the meals ahead of time and brings them to your hut – all you need to do is heat them up and enjoy! The dinner options include: shepherds pie, fishermans pie, bangers and mash, and more, and are all served with fresh, local vegetables.

A Look Inside Wriggly Tin’s Shepherds Huts

When it’s time for bed, there’s no better place to cosy up than inside one of Wriggly Tin’s shepherd huts. The huts are beautifully designed with tons of storage space in even the smallest huts. If you need a nightlight, light one of the provided hurricane lamps and hang it above your bed; otherwise, you’ll easily fall asleep in the dark huts considering the lack of light pollution in South Downs National Park!

Below is a look at three of Wriggly Tin’s huts: Old Winchester, Butser, and Walton.

Old Winchester

Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts - Old Winchester - Glamping in Hampshire

Old Winchester is one of the smallest huts at Wriggly Tin, but given the ample storage space and crafty design, you’ll never feel cramped for space while staying there (unless, maybe, you’re over 6ft tall!).

We absolutely love the vintage Britannia theme in Old Winchester; Alex truly thought of everything, from the patriotic tea cups on display to the wall art. Old Winchester is also the hut that comes with the option to add on the wood burning hot tub. So, if you’re looking to soak in the tub on your trip to Wriggly Tin, make sure you book well in advance so you can snatch up Old Winchester!


Butser is the first hut we stayed in at Wriggly Tin, and it’s easy to see why we were so quickly hooked! It has a lovely farmhouse feel to it (in the most luxurious way possible, of course!). Butser is spacious and offers a ton of storage (both the cupboard and under the bed). It was our very first shepherds hut experience, and the one that made us fall in love with glamping.


Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts - Walton - Glamping in Hampshire

Walton is the newest addition to the Wriggly Tin family. Our friends, Philip and Sarah, stayed in Walton on our recent trip to Wriggly Tin. In a perfect green color, the hut has a very ‘fresh’ feeling, perfect for a weekend in the countryside.

We love the little awning, perfect for enjoying some time outside on even the rainiest of English summer evenings.

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Things to do around Wriggly Tin

Take a dip in the wood-burning hot tub

The wood-burning hot tub is available at and extra cost for anyone who books to stay in Old Winchester. After experiencing it for ourselves, we can say that it is 100% worth it to splurge on the hot tub and enjoy a nice soak. Alex will prepare the hot tub before your arrival so you can jump right in if you feel like it; then, he’ll check on it everyday to make sure it’s ready for a dip whenever the hot tub starts calling your name!

The hot tub is perfectly equipped with four glass holders, so you won’t even have to leave your glass of wine behind. Enjoy the quietness of the countryside and a view over the fields while soaking in the tub, or dip in at night for some stargazing.

Play board games by candlelight

As the sun starts to set, you’ll notice that darkness rapidly descends upon Wriggly Tin. This is due to the lack of street lamps and light pollution in the area. But, even without a lamp to switch on, the sunset is only the start of the fun at Wriggly Tin. Turn on your hurricane lamps or tea light lanterns and play a game by candlelight. On our first visit, we loved playing Scrabble huddled up in our hut while Giorgio snoozed at our feet. This time around, we spread out our picnic blanket, strategically placed all of the lanterns so we could all see, and played Yahtzee outside under the night sky.

Cook meals on an open fire

Glamping in Hampshire - Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts

One of the coolest things about staying at Wriggly Tin is that you essentially have to cook your meals over an open fire. There are no microwaves at Wriggly Tin, so it’s either cooking over the bonfire outside, or cooking with a wood-burning stove/oven inside. If the weather allows for it, we highly recommend spending your evening next to the bonfire. Your clothes may stink a bit after, but there’s nothing better than enjoying a meal cooked in the great outdoors!

For dessert, roasted marshmallows are the obvious choice. Alex provides the marshmallows, but if you really want to treat yourself, pick up a pack of milk chocolate Digestives on your way down to Wriggly Tin. Then, you can make your very own S’mores out by the fire.

1. (for S’mores!)
2. – they’re so versatile
3. Travel Scrabble or Yahtzee


One of the best things about camping or glamping is that you are almost forced to create your own fun. Whether its playing board games, reading, or bringing along sports equipment and getting active, plan in advance and create your own fun. You can check out some of our other tips for planning a glamping trip here.

Wander over to Hambledon Vineyard

Hambledon Vineyard - Glamping in Hampshire

Wriggly Tin is perfectly situated on the other side of a hill from Hambledon Village. This means that, after the shortest of walks, you’ll find yourselves wandering in between vines to the Hambledon Vineyard tasting room. They offer tours & tastings for £15 a person, and we couldn’t recommend it more! Afterwards, you can buy a bottle to take back to Wriggly Tin with you and pop it open while you’re cooking dinner.

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Learn about cricket at the Bat & Ball

Hambledon is often referred to as the ‘cradle of cricket’ because it is where the modern rules of cricket were invented. The Bat & Ball pub offers a ton of information on cricket and has some really cool memorabilia. If you’re a cricket fan, it’s definitely worth heading there for a drink. Otherwise, The Vine in Hambledon is a charming, local pub.

Explore England’s south coast

Arundel Castle

Wriggly Tin is a great starting point for exploring the south coast of England. If you have a car, so many places are easily accessible from Wriggly Tin. Hop on the ferry and spend a day exploring the Isle of Wight. Or, enjoy the views from the top of Arundel Castle. Winchester is also a great English town and is very near to Wriggly Tin. If you can’t decide what to do, consult the Wriggly Tin Visitors Guide – Alex provides a ton of recommendations. Or, just ask him! There are a ton of options in the area for people of all ages and interests.

If you love glamping, we couldn’t recommend Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts more! It’s in a great location and the whole experience just can’t be beat. We’re already looking forward to our next visit!

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