Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

The Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World

It’s officially Spring here in the UK, meaning that warmer weather is (hopefully) around the corner and we’re itching to spend some time outside! One of our favorite ways to spend quality time outside is to book a glamping weekend. Yes, glamping, AKA ‘glamorous camping’. Glamping is the perfect mix of ‘roughing it’ outdoors and living comfortably, and we’ve quickly learned that there are some truly incredible glamping destinations out there. So, we’ve teamed up with some other travel bloggers to put together a list of the dreamiest glamping destinations around the world.

From glamping in a bubble under the stars to glamping with stunning mountain views, we’re awestruck by these beautiful glamping destinations. Here are 27 glamping destinations you’ll no doubt be dying to check out for yourself:

Dreamy Glamping Destinations in the UK

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping in a Converted Caravan – Conversant Traveller

The Glamping Orchard is the sort of place that allows you to indulge your childhood fantasies whilst retaining the all-important element of pure luxury that we all secretly crave as adults. It’s a wonderful place, hidden away in deepest rural Gloucestershire just a few minutes walk from the River Severn.

There’s a beautiful bell tent perfect for summer family glamping, but we loved the Warwick Knight, a proud and perfectly proportioned vintage 1950’s caravan that recently featured on George Clarke’s popular Amazing Spaces programme. With tones of blue and yellow inside it feels very light and airy, and comes complete with kitchen, dining area and beds for 4! Perhaps the best part is the roof terrace on top of the caravan, from which you can see for miles across the countryside, perfect for misty mornings and blood red sunsets. There’s a private compositing toilet and shower hut a few steps away, which are really cosy in winter. During the day, it’s the place for long country walks followed by pub lunches by the side of river, or exploring quaint little villages, feeding ducks and eating ice cream. It’s also a great location to visit the Cotswolds on a day trip. 

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Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping in a Shepherds Hut

Our first ever glamping trip took us to Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts, located in South Downs National Park. We ddin’t really know what to expect, but were so impressed by the way the owner, Alex, had done all of the huts. Once you step inside, you completely forget that you are in the middle of a plot of land! The shepherds huts at Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts are beautifully decorated and contain a comfortable bed, seating area, wood-burning stove, and plenty of storage.

Our days at Wriggly Tin were spent exploring the surrounding area, which includes Hambledon Vineyard, the Bat and Ball pub, and lots of space for countryside walks. At the end of the day, we would return to Wriggly Tin, cook our dinner on the grill outside, and sit down with a bottle of champagne and enjoy being outside. Once it got too dark outside, we would head into our tent and play Scrabble by candlelight. Then, we’d sneak outside one last time to stargaze before lighting our wood-burning stove for some heat and climbing into bed.

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Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping in a Bell Tent on Loch Lomond

While planning our trip to Loch Lomond, we stumbled upon Portnellan Farm. The farm is a working farm producing beef, but they also offer glamping accommodation in their bell tent. The tent opens up to stunning views of Loch Lomond and offers everything you need for a stay – a double bed, a single futon, and a wood-burning stove. Outside, there is a picnic table and grill so you can cook and enjoy your meals while admiring Loch Lomond. Just outside the tent is the main building, which houses the bathroom and shower room, as well as a kitchen.

With stunning views over Loch Lomond, it’s easy to see why Portnellan Farm may become one of the most sought after glamping destinations in the world! It’s the perfect base for driving around Loch Lomond and the surrounding area, and glamping is the perfect way to truly enjoy the beauty of the lake. Just beware of midges in the summer!

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Safari Glamping Destinations

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Thanda Safari Camp – 2foodtrippers

Thanda Safari’s tented camp offers the ultimate African glamping experience with 16 luxurious tents featuring fabulous design, ensuite bathrooms, outdoor showers and private sundecks. Beyond sleeping in decked-out tents, guests can relax at the pool and take two daily safari drives. Since the private game lodge has all of the big five animals, the safari drives are a must!

Though we enjoyed the exciting game drives at Thanda Safari, not to mention the great food served three times a day, our very favorite thing to do was to relax and connect with nature. The attentive staff made sure that we had everything we needed during our magical stay, making this glamping experience one to remember.

Glamping at Losokwan Luxury Camp – Travel For Difference

Situated in the midst of the Maasai Mara is Losokwan Luxury Tented Camp – a beautiful, eco-friendly camp surrounded by nothing but the sounds of calling wildlife. 

You may be thinking that eco-friendly camps are far from luxurious, but here that couldn’t be any further from the truth! Losokwan is a place surrounded by unbelievable luxury when everything around it is the epitome of nature; the 6 tents are incredibly spacious with king sized beds, ensuite bathrooms and all the amenities you could possibly imagine.

The very best part of this camp, however, is definitely the view. Open up your tent to the view of hundreds of animals only a few metres away. Losokwan allows animals to roam through the grounds freely whilst being completely undisturbed by man. This eco-friendly camp allows you to be surrounded by luxury whilst feeling like you’re immersed in the beauty of the wildlife.

Go to sleep to the sound of roaring lions, wandering wildebeest and hippos strolling through the camp. Wake up to the sight of giraffes, lions, zebras and more all in the comfort of your luxurious tent. To be honest, this is a place where the safari comes to you!

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Little Oliver’s Camp in Tanzania – KoTravellers

If you are looking for a boutique glamping site in a picturesque setting with delicious home style cooking, look no further than Little Oliver’s Camp. Set in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, there are five tents available, all with ensuite bathrooms. The rooms are permanently fixed and, with simple decorating, they blend in to the surrounding landscape – so much so that you can barely spot the tent next to you!

It is easy to get used to sitting by the campsite at night while enjoying a very decadent three-course meal. The only noise you will hear during your sleep is the local elephants that are known to wander the campsite frequently!

Desert Glamping Destinations

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping in Wadi Rum, Jordan – Wandering Wagars

Wadi Rum in Jordan is one of the most beautiful of the world’s deserts. Camping in Wadi Rum gives you the opportunity to sleep under a million stars while surrounded by sand dunes and otherworldly rock formations. But why simply camp when you can enjoy a luxurious night glamping at Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp? Glamping in Wadi Rum lets you sleep in a comfortable bed while enveloped by the softest sheets. Glamping in Wadi Rum can involve having your meals cooked Bedouin style, meat and vegetables slow-cooked in the ground on a bed of coals.

Nights are spent in traditional Bedouin style, enjoying tea with new friends around a roaring campfire. You also get to learn more about the local Bedouin people. During the day, you can choose to stay at the camp or hike around the surrounding area. For the adventurous, you can join jeep tours,  explore the large sand dunes, or go sand boarding. For early risers, it is also possible to join an early morning camel ride to watch the sunrise. Wadi Rum Luxury Camp was a great base from which to explore the area and provided a great insight into the lives of the local Bedouin people.

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping in the Agafay Desert, Morocco – MaracMama

Many travelers to Marrakech also want to visit the desert. But, the Sahara desert is a very long drive (8+ hours!) from the city. If this seems a little much for your stay consider glamping in the Agafay Desert! While you won’t find rolling sand dunes here, what you will find is a beautiful desert landscape against a backdrop of the High Atlas Mountains.

The best part is you can either come for the day and enjoy a meal or spend the night in one of the luxury tents. Each has it’s own toilet and shower facilities, an actual bed (that can be taken outside of the tent in warmer months so you can sleep under the stars), and great food!

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Desert Glamping in Oman – World Travel Adventurers

Glamping at Sama Al Wasil Desert Camp in Oman is amazing! The desert camp is in Wahiba Sands surrounded by sand dunes, so offers some dreamy views and epic sunsets from the dunes. The camp site must be accessed by 4-wheel drive and takes you past local Bedouin homes, camels, and goats wandering the desert.

We stayed in a Sultan tent, which is decorated with traditional Arabic decor like colorful rugs and tapestries on the walls and ceiling. Our tent had a cozy sitting area out front with pillows and rugs where we enjoyed our romantic Arabian night.

Staying there feels like you’re in the movie Aladdin, since you’re immersed in traditional Middle Eastern culture. Guests are welcomed with Arabic coffee and dates in the Majilis tent and can enjoy delicious Omani food like camel BBQ and spicy curry dishes. Dinner and breakfast buffet are included as well as traditional Arabic music and dancing when the camp is at high occupancy. On quieter nights, enjoy sitting around the bonfire and gazing up at the stars from the heart of the desert. Other activities available at the camp include camel rides, dune bashing, paragliding, micro light flights, quad biking, sand boarding, and visits to local Bedouin villages.

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping in Namibia – 197 Travel Stamps

The colorful sand dunes of Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert create one of the most surreal and beautiful landscapes in the world. After a long day in the desert, hiking up some of the highest sand dunes in the world and taking memorable photographs, it is crucial to get a good night’s sleep.

If you want to get in touch with nature without giving up on hygiene or safety, the Desert Camp in Sossusvlei is the right place for you. The large hut-like tents are set up on a concrete floor and come with thick canvas walls, proper windows, a comfortable bed and a full bathroom. Each tent has an outside kitchen with a barbecue, a sink and a refrigerator. Just order your preferred ingredients at the pool bar during the day and they will be delivered right to your tent. All you have to do is fire up the grill and enjoy while you watch the sun set over the red sand dunes. As night falls, the sky will light up with thousands of bright stars – time to hop in the tent for a great night’s sleep.

Glamping with the Stars

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping in Portugal – Heart of Everywhere

Moinho do Maneio offers one of the most distinctive glamping experiences you can have in Portugal.

Imagine driving through the very heart of Portugal and arriving at a beautiful isolated property where you can kayak in the river, read your favorite novel by the pool, or walk/cycle around smelling the fresh air of nature. However, the best part is yet to come.

When the night comes you can go to your transparent bubble accommodation. You can fall asleep while contemplating the starry sky in your comfy bed. Dreamy, right?

When the morning comes you have another great reason to be excited. And that reason is called breakfast.  Depending on the time of the year, the breakfast varies, but one thing is for sure. Breakfast at Moinho do Maneio always includes fresh and mouth-watering products.

Moinho do Maneio is constantly evolving for the better. Currently, you can stay in one of their 5 charming houses or in their unique transparent bubble (only available during the warmer months – April/May till the end of October).

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping at the Bubble Hotel in Iceland – Once in a Lifetime Journey

Seeing the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is most likely right at the top of most travelers’ bucket lists. I know it has been a priority for me for quite some time. So when the opportunity arose, I grabbed it without delay.

While the Northern Lights can be seen from several countries, I decided to combine my viewing with a trip to Iceland. There are several accommodation options available for the trip, yet one of the most unique glamping experiences is to stay at the Bubble Hotel in Iceland. Conceptualised by Danish entrepreneur, Robert Robertsson, the 5Million Star Hotel or Aurora Buubble Hotel is a cluster of plastic spherical see-through bubbles located about 100 km from Reykjavik, in an area that has little light pollution. Even though I had so many expectations, the hotel was nicer and more magical than I ever could have imagined.

I can personally attest to the hotel being the most romantic in the world – I was so awestruck by the beauty of the lights dancing above my head that I totally forgot to take any pictures! My partner and I fell asleep to the majestic views, cuddled up in our Ikea bed.

Forest Glamping Destinations

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Treehouse Glamping in the Dominican Republic – Dave on Arrival

While most of the bungalows at the Dominican Treehouse Village are not actually built in the treetops, they are mostly stilted rooms built on the mountainside surrounded by the rainforest. It kind of takes glamping to a different level. The walls are curtains and you get all the sounds, smells, and humidity of the jungle as you sleep. They have King and Queen bed options plus a few family size rooms, all complete with mosquito net, of course. All inclusive packages are offered or you can just charge everything as you go.

Activities include zip-lining, biking to the nearby beach, visiting some waterfalls, boat tours, ATV excursions, horseback riding, and more. What’s more is that it is quite far from the very touristy part of the Dominican Republic, so you get to see more of the everyday life of the country in a quiet setting, minus the sound of the wildlife around you. If you really want the best treehouse they have, contact them early through their website.

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Luxury Treehouse Glamping in Spain – A World to Travel

Carefully brought to life by Addomo architecture studio, the design took into account the intimacy of each building and the views of the nearby mountains of the Barbanza peninsula, Tremuzo, A Pena and Muros and Noia estuary. Every construction respected the existing forest trees and their roots, which come even more alive as the building shapes, lights and shades are defined by them. In short, they will delight any design and sustainable architecture enthusiast.

But there’s more to this gorgeous glamping site than its architecture and decor details. If you are a foodie, their homemade breakfast basket delivered in the morning is a must. On the other hand, if you also love the outdoors, do not forget to explore some nearby awe-inspiring Galician landscapes.

And if you are a pet owner, you can bring your pets with you! What’s not to love?

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Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Forest Glamping in South Africa – Stingy Nomads

Glamping is becoming a new big thing in South Africa with more and more places offering fancy glamping holidays with exquisite service. There are some unique places that not only have great facilities but offer a great way of connecting with nature. On our recent Garden Route trip we discovered an amazing campsite near Knysna in South Africa. The place is called Diepwalle Forest Tented Decks.

Located in the middle of indigenous forest inside the Garden Route National park, this campsite is a real hidden gem and a perfect place for a romantic holiday or weekend getaway. There are 10 wooden decks built on the slope between big trees. The decks are spacious and cozy. Each has a fireplace, a roofed bar, outlets, electricity and set up tents with two beds and a small fridge each. Some decks are without tents so you can pitch your own, which is cheaper.

The decks are located far enough from each other to give you privacy and a feeling of being alone in the forest. At Diepwalle, during the day you can see some birds and animals around, but night is the best time for wildlife. Once it gets dark, you start seeing small lights popping up here and there in the forest; these are fireflies. Sit quiet for some time and you’ll see small deer walking in the forest or a cute genet hunting in the dark. Make a fire, poor a glass of wine and enjoy a perfect evening in harmony with nature.

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping at Borneo Nature Lodge – WanderlustingK

While in Borneo, I stayed at a glamping accommodation in Sukau, Borneo Nature Lodge.  This luxury cabin in the middle of the kinabatangan valley has easy access to the river and the wild jungle of Borneo. From here, you can easily go out each day to view monkeys, try to spot wild elephants, and spot hornbills.  I wasn’t lucky enough to spot a wild elephant, however the whole experience, thanks to the expert staff, was out of a dream.  The food was typical Malaysian food always with a sweet healthy dessert at the end.  

I loved glamping in Borneo as I was able to fulfill my dream of going on a riverboat trying to spot wildlife!  I particularly liked this resort as they built it from sustainable materials and tried to minimize air conditions. There’s a nice lookout point where you can try to spot wild birds and, if you’re lucky, you’ll see families of civets on the property. Similarly, there was the cutest family of cats, including kittens, on the property! We also took a day trip out to one of the nearby caves to see where bird nests come from and to spot more wildlife.  I was lucky enough to spot a pygmy squirrel, which made my trip.  I consider this trip to Borneo one of my favorites to date.

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping at Sailor’s Rest in Malaysia – Kat Pegi Mana

My first glamping experience was at Sailor’s Rest, a glamping site situated in a Malay village called Janda Baik (translation: Good Widow), surrounded by tropical rainforest, river streams and waterfalls. Janda Baik is located just an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital city of Malaysia.

The glamping tents at Sailor’s Rest can accommodate three to five beds. The three-bed tents are pitched by the riverbank while the bigger tents are placed in the beautiful gardens of the site. There are ten common toilet/shower facilities with hot and cold water provided, and they are very clean. Sailor’s Rest also has village-style chalets, a houseboat on a man-made lake and a bungalow. The entire landscape is beautifully done with gardens of tropical flowers and fruit trees, perfectly designed to provide visitors the tranquility needed to get away from the hectic city of KL. Guests are served a BBQ dinner and Malaysian breakfast at the dining hall.

Apart from glamping and chilling out by the riverbank, guests can opt for a waterfall trek nearby. Malaysians love a weekend getaway in Janda Baik for its cool weather. The temperature hardly rises above 28 degrees Celsius during the day as the village is situated 600 metres above sea level on the mountain range.

Glamping Destinations for Nature Lovers

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Luxury Glamping in Alaska – Honeymoon Always

Alaska may get cold at night, but do you really care when you can soak in a wood burning hot tub? At Alpenglow, you can experience glamping in luxury tents with plenty of blankets and comforters to keep you warm.  As you wind down in the afternoon or wake up in the morning, you can enjoy the views overlooking the Matanuska Glacier and valley from Adirondack chairs on your deck enjoying a cup of coffee.

Alpenglow makes for a perfect luxury base camp to explore the surrounding area full of natural wonders.  There are so many things you can do to get your adrenaline rushing. Take a day trip to enjoy rafting, glacier trekking, or ice climbing, or simply go for a scenic hike. Get the air blowing through your hair on an ATV ride or on one of the two nearby zip lines.  For dinner, make sure you enjoy some of the fresh salmon!

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping in Sri Lanka – My Adventures Across the World

Back of Beyond has to be the dreamiest glamping place one could think of. There are various locations around Sri Lankam but the one in Dehigaha Eha is simply fabulous. It is close enough to some of the most popular attractions in the country, such as Sigiriya, Pidurangala and Dambulla. Yet, it is blissfully isolated, completely immersed in nature, and run in an ecological way, with an eye to environmental and animal protection and programs to educate the local communities against the poaching of elephants and their use in the tourism industry. 

People who stay at Back of Beyond Dehigaha Eha enjoy the local attractions, but are mostly looking for a place to recharge their batteries away from it all. They can take long walks in nature, such as to the lovely river where they can have a natural foot therapy (fish will come eat the dead skin off your feet!). The fact that there is no phone reception and no internet certainly helps! 

The place itself is stunning. There’s a few tree houses – gorgeous rooms literally located on trees, tastefully furnished and with open air bathroom where toads may be unexpected guests. And there’s also a bunch of boulder cottages, also incredibly stylish and cozy. Meals are served in the common area, which is open air and invites guests to engage in conversation. 

All staff at Back of Beyond Dehigaha Eha is incredibly friendly and helpful, which makes the overall experience there even better.

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping at Big Berry in Slovenia – Chasing the Donkey

If you are looking for a kick-ass glamping experience in Slovenia, you have to check out Big Berry which is situated in the Bela Krajina region. The glamping hot-spot is nuzzled in Primostek along the picturesque Kolpa river. Big Berry is a set of individual modular style homes with the gorgeous Slovenian outdoors surrounding it. Locally produced hot tubs provide resort goers the perfect place to relax after exploring the Bela Krajina area. Big Berry has kayaking & hiking within easy reach. Breakfast is served each morning in individual baskets which are placed on your doorstep ready for whenever you wake.

Click here to learn more about Big Berry Slovenia.

Glamping at the Birdhouse El Nido – 365 Travel Dates

The Birdhouse El Nido is one of dreams, literally! After a 16-month honeymoon around the world, Camille and I ended up on the world’s number one island, Palawan. We followed one of many dreams, buying a small piece of land tucked away on the side of the ridge and started a glamping hotel. While El Nido is most popular for it’s island hopping, The Birdhouse gives potential visitors a destination hotel and a peek into experiential tourism. 

Camille is an interior designer so the space is well designed with custom furniture made of local materials complementing the natural surroundings. Every space, whether the bamboo staircase, the restaurant, or the yoga studio have spectacular views of Bacuit Bay. From your bed you get an ocean view, grab coffee and breakfast at The Nesting Table (the in-house restaurant), join the sunset yoga session up in the mother nest, then go back down to El Nido’s romantic restaurant space. And if you’re checked in on Saturday, join ‘em for S’mores night.

This spot is number one on Trip Advisor for good reason. Just as glamping should be, this isn’t simply a bed to sleep in it’s an experience to be had.

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Yurt Glamping in Patagonia – Green Global Travel

Most people probably wouldn’t think of a yurt as being particularly luxurious. But, then again, most people haven’t been to Patagonia Camp. This eco-friendly glamping resort is located on the picturesque shores of Lake Toro, just a few miles from Torres Del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. 

The camp’s small luxury tents offer a surprisingly huge array of amenities. There’s solar-powered heating, posh private bathrooms, locally handcrafted textiles, and domed ceilings that allow you to stargaze right from the comfort of your king-sized bed. 

We’d spend all day exploring in Torres del Paine, watching wildlife such as Guanacos and Andean Condors, exploring the Milodon Cave, and drinking whiskey chilled with ice from Grey Glacier. In the evenings, after a long day in the park, we’d take the hottest showers we could stand, don their soft, cozy bathrobes, and watch the sunset from a private terrace that afforded exceptional views of the tranquil blue-water lake and the iconic Paine Massif. 

The camp’s lodge-style dining room is also worthy of note, serving up breakfast, lunch, and gourmet 4-course dinners that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s possible to “camp” without roughing it. And the setting– arguably among the most beautiful national parks in all of South America– couldn’t be a more dreamy destination to give glamping a try.

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping and Paragliding in Bir and Billing, India – Travel Crusade

Bir and Billing are two wonderful glamping and camping destinations in India and are popularly known as the paragliding arcades of the  country. They are nestled in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh and situated in the upper extremities of the Himalayas. Paragliding is the most popular sport practised in this part of the region, with extra care given to the younger ones. It is also one of the places in India where you can find lot of species of wild flowers blooming in the garden, the retreats, and the wild forests.

There are numerous tents set up in these areas for accommodation for travellers and trekkers coming from all corners of the world. These tents are of various types, like Swiss tents, normal ones, bell tents, and the small round shaped ones. The Swiss tents are normally white in color and are best suited for travellers coming with family and friends. There are all arrangements present inside these Swiss tents that you can find inside hotels and resorts.

The smaller tents are meant for short stays for solo travellers or people travelling in small groups of one or two. One can find these tents in open spaces near the paragliding arcades and they are available for stays immediately by paying a small price. The experience and the good memories you carry are some of the promising happenings in the life of a geographical traveller.

Unique Glamping Destinations

Glamping in Wine Country in the Yarra Valley, Australia – The Sweet Wanderlust

Is there anything dreamier than glamping in wine country? Less than two hours outside Melbourne, Australia, is the Yarra Valley. As a guest of Glamping Hub, I visited BIG4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday park, where I stayed in two of their glamping accommodations. 

The first night, we arrived just as the sun was setting over the lake on property and found that a buggy had been arranged just for us! We parked at the top of the hill and drove all of our gear down to the secluded glamping pod area. That evening, we fell asleep to the sounds of the forest and not much else. In the morning, we awoke to the sun shining through the trees, feeling refreshed. 

During the day, we explored the Yarra Valley’s many wineries and stopped for cheese and chocolate tasting, too. That night, we moved to a Bell Tent, a cute canvas tent with room for a king-sized bed, dining room table, couch and a TV! (Sometimes you want to get away from it all… and sometimes you want to watch Bruce Almighty from the comfy bed in a campsite.) Despite the flock of cockatoos calling good morning, I haven’t had as restful a nights’ sleep since glamping in the Yarra Valley!

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping at an Herbal Glamping Resort in Slovenia – The Crowded Planet

A couple of years ago, I had my very first glamping experience in Slovenia, and I couldn’t have wished for a better place! The glamping resort was called Charming Slovenia and it was located in the village of Ljubno, not far from the Austrian border and only about an hour or so from Slovenia. I had been camping many times, and I was used to the idea of camping as ‘roughing it’ – glamping couldn’t have been more different!

We stayed in a spectacular two-story tent, with our own jacuzzi, private bathroom complete with open-top shower, and a beautiful deck, where we enjoyed breakfast in the morning and sunset drinks later in the day. The resort paid homage to the herbal tradition of Slovenia, and it included a herbal garden, natural swimming pool with an eco filtration system, a welcome herbal massage for all ladies and lots of herbal products in the tent. The only issue is that it rained two days straight – I really want to go back to experience it in the sunshine! 

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping on Temple Grounds in Cambodia – South East Asia Time Traveler

A few hours’ drive north from Siem Reap, close to the Thai border, you’ll find a temple complex almost as massive as Angkor Wat, with far fewer visitors and a somewhat darker history. Banteay Chhmar, like Angkor Wat, was constructed in the middle of a square moat complex – while its ramparts may have fallen apart, its central courtyard is perfectly positioned for Cambodia’s most unique glamping experience: a tented suite in the middle of a Khmer temple complex!

The tent feels quite luxurious – wooden furniture, carpeted floor and a “bathroom en suite” complete with shower and sit-down toilet make guests feel at ease in the middle of an abandoned Khmer temple. Days are spent learning about Banteay Chhmar and nearby attractions (including a local silk factory and a man-made lake), eating local food prepared by villagers, and relaxing to Khmer music played by locals.

Bad foundations ensured that Banteay Chhmar deteriorated far faster than its counterpart in the south, but its beauty simply cannot be denied, as you gaze at the remaining relief walls that tell of battles against Cham invaders and a gorgeous multi-armed Avalokiteshvara sculpture (the gaping hole next to it is all that remains of another Avalokiteshvara sculpture that was hacked off by thieves).

Dreamiest Glamping Destinations Around the World | Bloggers Share the Best Glamping Destinations in the World | A Pair of Passports

Glamping in India – My Soul Travels

Imagine yourself surrounded by the majestic landscape of brown and snow peaked mountains, looking straight into a kaleidoscope of blue. Water so clear that it changes shades every minute. Sounds magical doesn’t it?

That’s the view that greets you when you visit Pangong Tso in Ladakh, India, in the laps of Himalayas. The journey to the lake is an adventurous one and you will be driving through the world’s highest motorable road. But what meets you at the end of this dangerous road is absolutely breathtaking and totally worth it.

Pagong Tso extends between India and China and has its own share of mysteries. This lake freezes during winters despite it being a salt water lake. There is no visible vegetation or aquatic life in this lake but it’s a paradise for birdwatchers.  While the beauty of this place alone is enough to hook you in for a trip, another fascinating experience is camping through the night. We stayed at Pangong Retreat and really liked the tents. They have definitely tried to bring a little luxury in the otherwise rustic site. After dark, we built a campfire, got some barbecues on and enjoyed stargazing at the clear sky with hundreds of bright stars.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of some of the dreamiest glamping destinations around the world! We definitely think these are all #glampinggoals. Comment below with where you are heading on your next glamping adventure!

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  1. Daniella says:

    This could not have come at a better time. I just booked a trip to The UK in a few months AND I am going to Africa next spring. I am definitely going to try out The Glamping Orchard and Little Oliver’s Camp. Patagonia Camp is my DREAM. Maybe I’ll make it there in 2020 🙂 Thank you for the recommendations!

  2. Rob says:

    …the day you realize that you’ve been camping and hoteling wrong your whole life… I just love the re-purposing of some of the shelter types. Really cool!

  3. Bethany says:

    I looove the idea of glamping! I’d love to try the Thanda Safari Camp, Wadi Rum in Jordan, and the Birdhouse El Nido when I make it over to those locations eventually!

  4. Dani says:

    These destinations are all super adorable and I want to visit them all! I’ve been an avid camper all of my life, but I still haven’t tried glamping yet. Maybe this summer!

    • apairofpassports says:

      Once you glamp, you’ll probably never want to go back! It’s so nice to have those basic luxuries, while still being able to experience the great parts of camping (scenery, being outside, etc.). Let us know if you end up trying!

  5. Joy Generoso says:

    Wow! These are amazing glamping destinations around the world. I’ve never experienced it and would love to try it after seeing this list. I’ve been to Wadi Rum in Jordan and totally regretted why I didn’t signed up for desert glamping.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Ohhhh these are so dreamy! Something so special about glamping isn’t there? I’m actually going to Big Berri in Slovenia this May 🙂 Excited to see it on your list! So I made note of the Herbal Glamping resort, maybe I will make a trip there too. Great list!

  7. Rosemary says:

    All such dreamy locations and all so unique. The most intriguing experiences are the bubble hotel in Iceland and Moinho do Maneio in Portugal. It’s been a while since I slept outdoors under the stars. This article is a great reminder to get out there and connect with nature…in a luxurious manner.

  8. Pia says:

    Glamping! Yeah! I just did it once! It was in Moab near Arches National Park. Three types of tents (Tipi, Safari tent and the luxurious family tent version with a TV inside) I chose the Safari tent (Kind size bed, and oven which needs to be heated and maintained by yourself, an ensuite bathroom, a private sundeck and the most gorgeous sunrise in the morning). I´m not a fan of camping per se but with a bit more convenience I´m happy to do it again, especially, when I see your pictures and read your descriptions.

    • apairofpassports says:

      I definitely feel you on the whole ‘not a fan of camping’ thing – but glamping has made it totally doable for me. We’d love to visit Arches National Park, and I didn’t even think of glamping there. That’s such a great idea!

  9. Nicky says:

    Oh my goodness, I’ve just completely fallen in love with the idea of glamping. They all look so amazing!! The ones in Wadi Rum and the forests particularly appeal to me; it must be so lovely to wake up surrounded by that environment. Thanks for sharing this!

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