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Saying London is big is a massive understatement. On top of the standard tourist attractions and restaurant openings,each season is filled with pop-ups, exclusive experiences, and classic “must-dos” unique to London. There are also so many underrated spots in London; it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything, and all too often I find out about an event the day after it ended!

Enter The Nudge, a website that keeps track of the coolest London happenings for you! I’ll be the first to admit that I love feeling like I am “in the know,” and joining The Nudge has definitely made me feel that way. The Nudge’s weekly email breaks down new openings, exclusive member opportunities, and exciting pop up events. Each month, a longer email comes out with your “itinerary” for the month – all of the special events, openings, and pop-ups going on. I read the email with my planner nearby and add everything I want to attend into the calendar. It’s pretty much perfect!

Recently, we attended two Nudge events – a summer pop-up called Brixton Beach Boulevard and the John Lewis Rooftop. Both are public events, but we went on exclusive nights with Nudge specific packages, meaning we paid up front and were taken care of on the night.

Brixton Beach Boulevard

Brixton Beach is currently happening in – you guessed it – Brixton. The whole space looks like 1980s Miami Beach, with beach bars, street food, and even a little downtown district which hosts everything from a beauty parlour to a diner! We had so much fun walking around and seeing all the different rooms they had setup, and the food was delicious. With The Nudge, our ticket to the press night included 3 drink vouchers and 1 food voucher, so we didn’t pay for a thing once we got inside.

Brixton Beach is still around until 28 August, and you should definitely check it out (especially on a sunny day!).



Sean enjoyed playing around with the phone they had set up in the model hotel room!


One of our food choices was Rosemary & Camembert frites – we later found out it was just frites with rosemary and camembert on the side! Still delish, though.

John Lewis Rooftop

The Gardening Society has popped up on at John Lewis Oxford Street for the summer. There is a roof garden with a bar, rotating restaurants (three total throughout the summer), and plenty of space to sit out in the sun. We attended The Nudge’s members dinner with B.O.B.’s Lobster, who is in residency until 31 July. Our ticket included an intimate dinner (just Nudge members) which consisted of a welcome cocktail, four courses, and dessert. Sean and I missed our opportunity to go to the first residency of the summer (The Dairy) due to a change in work schedules, so were super excited when we came across this opportunity. And it’s safe to say we will be keeping our eye out to check out the third residency, which is American barbecue food!





Our first two courses (AKA the starters) – a miniature lobster roll and an ahi tuna taco with wasabi guac (my favorite by far!)

So…what exactly is The Nudge?

The Nudge is a great resource for discovering the secrets that London has to offer, and does not just consist of exclusive events. Members perks also include complementary welcome cocktails at certain bars, early access to booking public events, special packages/discounts at public events, and (in general) information about things that are going on in London! As a young couple who loves trying new restaurants, we have found it to really help us discover new things without putting in much effort!

The Nudge requires a paid membership, but you can sign up for their emails for free! Alternatively, if you don’t think The Nudge is for you, I regularly use the following sites to remain “in the know” in London: TimeOut, Stylist, Bar Chick, and Design My Night.

x-kellyNote: I am in no way affiliated with The Nudge – I just love sharing things I love with you! If you like the idea of “unlocking London” with the Nudge, I’d love to refer you for membership. Use my password KellyHogan1212 to get a free one month Nudge Membership trial here.

How do you find out about the hottest new things in your home city?

Let us know in the comments below!

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