Our Couples Travel Bucket List

A Short-Term Couples Travel Bucket List

At the beginning of the year, I started laying out all of our travel plans for 2018. However, as I sat there thinking about what I really wanted to do, I realized that I didn’t have a list of items that could be accomplished in one year. Instead, I was thinking about the big ticket trips I wanted to do. The ones that involve saving, or planning, or a bit of both. That’s part of the reason why we only have a few finalized plans for 2018; we’ve been too busy planning for the (slightly) longer term. So, instead of having some epic list of our upcoming 2018 travels, I’ve created this short-term couples travel bucket list.

If you’re a couple that is struggling with travel inspiration at the moment, or you can’t figure out exactly what you want to do for your week off work this summer, take a look at these 7 trips. Even better, challenge yourself to tick off all 7 in the next 3 years – that’s our goal!

A 3-Year Travel Bucket List for Couples

Here are 7 trips to add to your couples travel bucket list! We’ve also included our bucket list items, and will be ticking them off as we progress through our own short-term bucket list. We hope you follow along on our journey!

1. Spend a relaxing week away with friends

Imagine this: boardgames, laughter, and the sound of waves crashing in the background. With your best friends by your side. We’ve got our eye on a beach getaway with friends, but spend time with your friends in any relaxing environment – on the beach, in the mountains, or even camping in the desert. If you have room in the budget, splurge on an all-inclusive vacation so you can enjoy your week without a worry in the world. It’s totally up to you and your friends. Some of our favorite getaways with friends have been: visiting the Alsace Christmas markets, skiing in Zermatt, and lounging on the beach in Barbados.

The most important thing is that everyone is taking time out of their busy schedules to spend time together! So break out the boardgames, mix up some margaritas, and make some memories!

Couples Travel Bucket List - Ocean City, New Jersey

2. Take an EPIC road trip

Is there anything better than blasting music with the windows down and nothing but the open road in front of you? Plan your dream road trip and actually go on it! Whether you choose to rent a camper van or stay in Airbnbs along the way, map out your route and hit the road. Don’t forget to pick awesome places to stop along the way!

p.s. We know that long car journeys can sometimes be hard on couples. Check out our tips for planning a road trip to ensure you’re prepared for long stretches in the car!

Couples Travel Bucket List - PNW Road Trip

3. Return to your favorite romantic destination

This may just be my favorite item on our couples travel bucket list! While visiting new destinations is an incredible experience, returning to an old favorite can be equally as rewarding. Show some love to one of your favorite destinations by planning a return trip there. Make sure you pay a visit to some of your favorite spots from your previous trip(s), but take the time to experience some new things, as well. We’re hoping to return to Tuscany to indulge in some more wine tasting; however, we’d like to take more time to explore some of the tiny villages in the area, too. And perhaps rent a Vespa!

At the end of your trip, take a moment to reflect on it – do you love the destination even more now, or has it lost some of its magic? Why do you think you feel that way? Reflections on repeat travels will help you become a better traveler when visiting both new and repeat destinations in the future!

Couples Travel Bucket List - Tuscany

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4. Go on an adventure holiday

Get the adrenaline pumping with an adventure-based holiday! Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t built up the courage to do it yet? Team up with your significant other and make it happen. Whether it’s becoming PADI certified, sky diving for the first time, or even doing an epic trek like Everest Base Camp, take the time to get out and do something new. Of course, adventure travel can sometimes be dangerous, so ensure you are well read, well prepared, and have done all the necessary health checks.

After completing our PADI certification in the Maldives, we’d love to do a full week dive trip. So far, we like the idea of camping on the beaches of the Red Sea while diving in Egypt, or doing a liveaboard in the Galapagos.

Couples Travel Bucket List - Scuba Diving Adventure Trip

5. Splurge on a luxury weekend away

Treat yourselves to a weekend that includes all the works – cozy rooms, fine dining, and a spa. You deserve it, after all! Combine this weekend away with a special occasion so you have every excuse to splurge. Our dream English countryside getaway would be to Soho Farmhouse – with Giorgio, of course!

If you are looking for some luxury inspiration in the UK,  Angie stays at some of the most incredible places we’ve ever seen! Her weekends away are full of luxury, and totally swoonworthy. Or, check out our previous staycations for some ideas:

Couples Travel Bucket List - Luxury UK Weekend

6. Tick something off your existing travel bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? Or at least a list of trips you’d love to do? Ours is never-ending, but there are a few trips that go in the ‘travel diary’ every year and never actually happen. If you find yourself in the same situation, make it a priority to actually do one of those trips. We’ve been talking about sorting out Giorgio’s pet passport and going to Ireland with him for so long, but it always gets pushed to the side by other trips. So we’re going to actually make it happen! We can’t wait to visit some Irish towns that have been on my bucket list for ages, as well as drive the famed Ring of Kerry.

Couples Travel Bucket List - Ring of Kerry Road Trip

7. Visit family who live in a different state/country

Do you have a parent/sibling/cousin that always comes to visit you? Mix things up by visiting them for a change! It’s a great way to make a full trip out of seeing family, and it’ll give you the opportunity to explore someplace new. Plus, what is better than catching up with family you don’t see all the time?

We are 100% guilty of letting everyone visit us. Especially my American friends – there’s an appeal to coming to Europe, so they always come our way and then we do a trip together. We want to be the ones visiting for a change! My mom recently moved to North Carolina. On the water. And they have a boat. So we’re making it a priority to get down to North Carolina. Plus, we hear there are plenty of craft breweries around Charlotte/Raleigh so we can make the most of our international travel days!

Couples Travel Bucket List - North Carolina

We’ll be sharing all the details as we progress through our short-term couples travel bucket list here, with links to full posts where necessary. To be completed by December 31, 2020!

I hope you found some travel inspiration in our short-term couples travel bucket list! Which trip will you be ticking off first? And where are you planning to go?

Start planning with our handy checklist:

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4 thoughts on “A Short-Term Couples Travel Bucket List

    • apairofpassports says:

      Oh we are ALL FOR revisiting the Maldives, but probably need to wait a bit before splurging on that again. It’s so fun to return to a place you loved and experience it differently!

  1. Tahiya says:

    You’re right-writing short term bucket lists help put the plan in motion! Scotland is at the top of my list, I wanna make it happen this fall!

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