A Weekend In…Barcelona, Spain [Photo Diary]

Barcelona is an incredible city full of history, art, and so much culture. Last summer, a couple of my girl friends and I decided on a short trip to Barcelona and the trip did not disappoint! It was my first time in Barcelona and I’ve been wanting to go back since I left.

While my go-to reason for a loving a city is usually its food and wine, Barcelona has so much more to offer. The Gaudi architecture and influence all around the city is so unique and absolutely breathtaking. The weather and the beaches are perfect. And with regards to food, tapas cannot be beat! Check out some of the photos from our trip to get a feel for the city.

Barcelona is a city I get asked about frequently, so I wanted to make sure we included a post about it on our blog. However, I decided not to write a full post because I previously wrote one on my old blog, and did not feel like I remember enough to change up the content to the extent I would like. Instead, I am including a ton of photos from my trip, as well as a quick run down of the highlights.















Before you head to Barcelona, make sure you check out this list of 77 things to do in Barcelona. To help you narrow down the list, here are our highlights from the trip –

  • Walking Tour: Many companies offer a walking tour through Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. It is a great way to learn more about Barcelona’s history and why the Catalan people are so proud of their city.
  • All things Gaudi: La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Battló. Gaudi’s style is so unique and his pieces were absolutely breathtaking to see in person. While we did not have a chance to see all of Park Guell, the other places were lovely to visit!
  • Tapas! Barcelona’s cuisine is incredible, and tapas are at the forefront of that. Eat tapas. All day, everyday. But mainly for dinner, accompanied by sangria. I recommend La Tasqueta – mouthwatering goodness for an incredible price. If you’re more interested in drinks than food (we don’t blame you!), consider doing a little trip to do cava tasting near Barcelona.
  • Incredible Views: The views over all of Barcelona to the sea from the hike up to Park Guell were beyond incredible, and we also had the chance to get a different view from the top of the W Hotel on the beach. They have a great sky bar with stunning views of the beach and the city.
  • Nightlife: Barcelona has quite a wild nightlife! We went out one evening with our hostel, which included a local bar (which serves G&Ts as what appears to be 90% gin and 10% tonic in a MASSIVE glass) and a trip to Apolo, one of the biggest nightclubs in Barcelona. While we did not go ourselves, we also passed tons of nightclubs that spill out onto the beaches – perfect for a summer evening!

One thing that we did not do (that I wish we did do) was take a day trip. It’s quite easy to travel to Montserrat from Barcelona, and I have heard incredible things about the monastery. I highly recommend you build a visit into your itinerary!

Additional Notes

I don’t usually stay in hostels, but we found one that looked great for this trip and decided to book it. We stayed at Hostel One Paralelo, and it was by far the best hostel experience I have ever had! When we arrived late that night, they had dinner and sangria waiting for us, as well as every other night. The staff were so nice and so much fun! The rooms were clean and the bathrooms extremely modern and clean. I never really felt like I was in a hostel, except for the whole meeting new people everyday thing (which is obviously a plus).

Keep track of your stuff, especially in the evenings and while on the beach! Pickpockets are all over Barcelona, so as always, just be cautious!

If this has inspired you to visit Spain, consider adding San Sebastian to your itinerary as well – we’ve heard it’s a foodie’s heaven and a destination that cannot be missed!


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Barcelona is a great city to visit for a weekend getaway. View photos from our trip and read about the things you simply cannot miss!

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    • apairofpassports says:

      Yes you must do Gaudi! The girls and I were a bit put off by the prices for the houses, so only ended up visiting Casa Mila – the roof itself was worth a visit if you are deciding between the two!

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