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Where to go for Après Ski in Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland offers some of the best skiing in the world, but it also offers so much more than that. With it’s charming village feel, award winning restaurants, and stunning Matterhorn views, it’s the perfect place for a holiday (ski or no ski) year round. And whether you ski or hike or hit the spa, there is nothing better than ending the day with après ski in Zermatt. As seasoned après skiers, we’re sharing the best places for après ski in Zermatt.

Zermatt is far from struggling when it comes to après ski choices – or nightlife in general – so it’s hard to know where to go and exactly what to do your first time there. While après ski etiquette is generally the same throughout the entire world (ski, stop skiing, have a drink and enjoy time with your friends), we’ve included some tips for après ski in Zermatt below, in addition to our favorite Zermatt après ski spots. This is essentially the only guide you’ll ever need to après ski in Zermatt!

The Best Bars for Après Ski in Zermatt

Après Ski on the Mountain

Apres Ski in Zermatt - Where to drink in Zermatt - Hennu Stall - Zermatt, Switzerland
Hennu Stall from the gondola, before the crowds arrive
Hennu Stall (Furi)

At the end of the ski day, if you choose to take the gondola down to Zermatt from Trockener Steg, there is no doubt you will see a huge mass of people crowded in and around Hennu Stall. It’s easily one of the most popular spots on the mountain to stop for a drink at the end of the day.

Hennu Stall is a very upbeat option for après ski in Zermatt. Everyone gathers both in and outside and, with music blaring and drinks pouring, it’s a party you don’t want to miss! Hennu Stall is one of the latest places open on the mountain, with the party going until 7pm. Just remember – you have to ski that final bit!

Skiing in Zermatt - Hot Chocolate break at Chez Vrony

Chez Vrony (Sunnega)

We usually stop at Chez Vrony during the day for a hot chocolate break, but it’s a great place to end the day, as well. On a sunny day, there is nothing better than lounging outside on the deck at Chez Vrony with a glass of rosè or a cold beer. The restaurant offers stunning views of the Matterhorn and the staff will make you feel like part of the family. Chez Vrony isn’t your typical rowdy après ski environment, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something relaxed. Make sure to get there early to secure a spot on one of the massive sun beds!

You’ll need to ski after having your drink(s), but it’s a short and easy ski down to the lift. Then, you can take the lift up to Sunnega and the funicular back down to the bottom, so your post-après-ski ski won’t involve too much effort! You can also walk to/from Chez Vrony if that’s your preference.

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Igloo Bar (Rotenboden)

Yes, it’s actually an igloo! The Igloo Bar (Iglu Dorf) is located on the Gornergrat side of the mountain, near Rotenboden. It’s easily accessible for both walkers and skiers. As you come down the mountain, you’ll hear the music before you see the igloo bar and the many people crowded outside it. Zermatt’s Igloo Bar isn’t ideal for a wet or cold day, but it’s a great place to chill out in the sun.

Après Ski in Zermatt Village


Cervo is consistently rated as one of the best places to stay in Zermatt. Whether you’re staying there or not, you can enjoy a brilliant après ski on their terrace. At Cervo, you can often find a very lively but chilled out outdoor après ski party starting at about 3pm. With multiple bars setup outside and a large deck area, there’s plenty of space for groups to gather. They have a band playing live music, a good selection of drinks, and seats with a great view. There’s nothing not to love about après ski at Cervo!

Apres Ski in Zermatt - Where to drink in Zermatt - Cervo - Zermatt, Switzerland
Live music at Cervo
Brown Cow Pub

For a very relaxed après ski experience, head to the Brown Cow Pub. It succeeds at feeling like a pub and will usually have sports on the television, so you can hang out there for hours (if you get a table, that is). The Brown Cow has a no reservations policy, so it is tricky to find a table, but there are usually a few seats open at the bar and, if you hang around for a bit, a group will eventually leave. It all adds to the atmosphere that is après ski at the Brown Cow. The drinks are reasonably priced, but the food is steep, so be prepared for when your bill comes. Sit down, relax, and order some chicken wings – they’re delicious!

The Brown Cow is located in Unique Hotel Post, which is also home to a variety of nightlife options if you’re looking to boogie into to early hours.

Apres Ski in Zermatt - Where to drink in Zermatt - Zermatt, Switzerland

Harry’s Ski Bar

Harry’s Ski Bar is everything that an après ski bar should be – it’s cozy, feels totally authentic, and is decorated with incredible vintage ski photos. It’s definitely at the top of our list of places to après ski in Zermatt. The outside bit is lovely and always crowded in the late afternoon, but we love the inside even more. There aren’t many seats, but if you manage to grab one, you’ll be tempted to stay there all evening!

Harry’s only pitfall is that it doesn’t open until 4pm, so it’s almost always our second or third stop on an après ski bar crawl.

“Après ski is my favorite sport” – Barbara Walters

Apres Ski in Zermatt - Where to drink in Zermatt - Papperla Pub - Zermatt, Switzerland


If you really want to party, get yourself over to Papperla. There’s a small area outside that they cover in bad weather, and live music inside every night. Papperla starts with après ski and continues late into the night (it’s voted #1 of nightlife in Zermatt on TripAdvisor!). The drinks are reasonably priced (for Zermatt), but the atmosphere would justify even overpriced drinks.It’s definitely worth it to stop at Papperla at least once for après ski in Zermatt. Take a spin on the shot wheel outside for some bonus fun – you never know what you’ll land on!


This is an unpopular opinion, but we actually don’t love the Snowboat as much as many people do. However, it wouldn’t be right to write a post on après ski in Zermatt without at least mentioning it! Snowboat is located right near a bus stop and the funicular station up to Sunnega, so it’s in a prime spot for après ski. It’s a very trendy après ski location and has a great selection of spirits. And, with a massive roof deck, we imagine it’s an incredible spot in the summer!

Tips for Après-Ski in Zermatt

Securing Your Stuff

  • Put your gloves, hat, etc. inside your helmet. Then, you’re not fussing around with a bunch of loose items and you only need to carry one thing!
  • Purchase a ski carrier strap so you can easily transport your skis from place to place. You can velcro your boots together and sling them over your shoulder, but that damages the velcro so it’s worth getting a boot strap, as well.
  • If you are planning to start your next ski day in the same place you finish, consider leaving your things in a locker. Then, you don’t have to worry about carrying everything to and from, and your items are secure! There are small and tall lockers for accessories and boots, and separate ski lockers where you can put your skis and poles.

Off-Piste Style

The most experienced après-skiers usually show up to après ski after they’ve actually skied…in their ski gear. As much as celebrities in Aspen (Paris Hilton) may make it seem so, après ski is not a fashion show. Take off your skis and head straight for the bar in your ski boots. Or, if you’re like Kelly and hate walking in ski boots, bring a pair of comfy shoes with you to give your feet a break. But, other than that, keep your ski clothes on – when the sun goes down and it’s chilly, you won’t regret the layers one bit!

If you’re coming to après ski after a day of not skiing (don’t worry, we do it, too!), keep it casual. You’re in the mountains, after all! Leggings, jeans, or snow pants will do on bottom, and a turtleneck base layer or sweater on top. Wear your ski jacket if you have one, but your standard winter jacket will do, as well. And don’t forget a hat and gloves and your sunglasses – the sun is strong in Zermatt, and your eyes definitely feel it if you don’t have sunglasses protecting them.

Après-Ski Essentials for Women

Paying & Tipping

Although many places will accept card, it’s best to have cash for après ski. This allows you to order at the outdoor bars, which often don’t accept card, and makes the whole process quicker. Prices vary from bar to bar, but the following ranges will apply to most places:

  • Beer: 6-8 CHF
  • Wine: 6-10 CHF; Bottle 45 CHF+
  • Prosecco: 8-12 CHF
  • Mulled Wine: 8-10 CHF
  • Aperol Spritz: 9-15 CHF
  • Schnapps: 5-7 CHF

Apres Ski in Zermatt - Where to drink in Zermatt - Cervo - Zermatt, Switzerland

We want everyone to have an incredible après ski experience in Zermatt, so if there’s something you think we left off the list, let us know! The spots listed above are our personal favorites, but we definitely haven’t tried everything.

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