Meet Kelly & Sean

Meet the couple who is traveling the world around their 9-5 commitments

We work 9-5, have a dog to care for at home, and are terrible at saving money.

But we still travel.

And we’d like to show you how you can too!

Meet the couple who is traveling the world around their 9-5 commitments

Who is the couple behind A Pair of Passports?

We began dating in June 2014 while Kelly was spending the summer working in London. After two months together and five months doing the long distance thing, Kelly moved over to London to join Sean. We travelled together for the first time to Munich, Germany for Valentine’s Day in February 2015 and have been traveling as much as possible together since. To feed our travel obsession, we love to sneak away for long weekends every chance we get and explore England when we can’t go too far. We are now married and living in London, working full-time, snuggling with our pup Giorgio, and running A Pair of Passports on the side.

Meet Kelly

Kelly is a wanderluster from the US that quickly fell in love with traveling when she started in the summer of 2013. Two study abroad trips and two internships abroad allowed for plenty of packed weekends exploring Europe and the love just kept getting stronger. She enjoys researching and planning trips nearly as much as she loves actually going on them and keeps extensive record of every place she visits. Her favorite thing about travelling is pretending to be a local and imagining what it would actually be like to live in each city she visits. Kelly also blogs about non-travel related things over on Mongan Moments.

Favorite City:

Bruges, Belgium

Favorite Trip:

Our first anniversary trip in Florence – the most romantic trip with the best food, wine, and scenery

Funniest Travel Moment:

Throwing on a effortless, spring dress when visiting Milan to get publicly scolded by a security guard and nearly get turned away at the Duomo for dressing “inappropriately”


Meet Sean

Image of Sean outside vineyard in FlorenceSean is a sports fanatic who seeks adventure in every destination we visit. Before meeting Kelly, he went on trips around Europe and Africa. However, he became more into frequent travelling as they discovered it together. He’s the better skier, much calmer in any situation, and pretty much down for anything. He gets us out of trouble when we’re lost or in sticky situations, and keeps us within our budget while still allowing for a little luxury and a lot of fun. He even smiles in the photos that Kelly constantly tries to get him to be in. His favorite part about travelling is spending time with Kelly away from home.

Favorite City:

Florence, Italy

Favorite Trip:

Florence, for our first anniversary

Funniest Travel Moment:

Kelly’s sunburn after snowshoeing in Zermatt. It’s bad to laugh, but it’s her fault for not putting on sunscreen!


Meet Giorgio

Meet the couple who is traveling the world around their 9-5 commitments

Giorgio is just now discovering his love for travel since moving over from the US in August 2016. He spends his time at home sleeping and getting cuddles, and his time on the road getting muddy. Find out more about Giorgio here and follow along on our dog friendly adventures if you, too, would like to start traveling with your doggy!

What do we focus on?

We’re pursuing our passions as we travel the world, and spending every moment we can together. From horseback riding in the Dominican Republic to a quiet weekend away close to home, we’re showing couples & travel partners some great things to do together and places where they can get incredible photos to frame at home. We are discovering the best parts of London, watching sports we love all over the world, and trying wines we would never be able to find in a wine shop. Imagine everything you would normally do during the weekend at home – now, imagine doing that all over the world (in cities like Berlin & Paris, tiny islands off of Turkey, and even in suburbs of Washington, DC!)

Where are we going?

We’re currently on a mission to go around the UK in 80 Weekends – with the dog in tow!

A Weekend In...The Cotswolds, United Kingdom - A Cotswolds weekend trip guide

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Forecasted 2017 Travel Plans

York, England | Washington, DC, USA | Glasgow, Scotland | The Maldives | Malta | Read More

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Why do we do it?

It’s quite simple, really – we love to travel. The adrenaline of going somewhere new, paired with the excitement of new experiences and the satisfaction of experiencing the world, is something that you cannot experience if you do not travel. Then, when you find someone you love, who encourages you to discover new things, you feel the urge to travel with them. It’s exciting, incredibly romantic, and an experience unlike any other. It’s something we think everyone should do. Read more about how we do it.

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