A Pair of Passports: Our Remaining 2016 Travel Plans

Remaining 2016 Travel Plans

It’s officially September, meaning there are only four months left in 2016. How crazy is that? This entire year has been a whirlwind for us – from Kelly going back and forth between England and the US until May; a summer at the Euros and in Barbados that went by in the blink of an eye; trying to make the most of summer in London; our wedding; and now, four months left in the year.

How are we going to spend these remaining four months? As we always do – loving life at home, exploring London, and travelling as much as we can! Check out the travel we hope to do in the remainder of 2016:

Bratislava, Slovakia

A Pair of Passports: Our Remaining 2016 Travel Plans

Many thanks to World Travel Adventurers for sending this picture to us since we don’t have one of our own!

This weekend, we are heading to Slovakia! England will be playing Slovakia in football as a World Cup 2018 qualifying match, and we are going to attend with Sean’s parents. The match is on Sunday, though, so we have a full day to explore Bratislava on Sunday, and time to explore either Bratislava or Vienna on Monday. We are looking forward to a much needed post-wedding city break. Let us know if you have any recommendations!

UK Weekend Trips

A Pair of Passports: Our Remaining 2016 Travel Plans

Now that our dog has arrived in the UK, we are trying to incorporate him into our travel as much as possible. There are so many dog friendly hotels and villages in the UK, and we have been meaning to explore more of our home country anyway, so it is the perfect fit. We are not sure which trips we will be able to cram into this year, but the places on our radar include: The Cotswolds, Cornwall, Snowdonia, the Lake District, Cambridge, Isle of Skye, and York.

On October 1, we will be starting a challenge to visit as much of the UK as possible through weekend trips and day trips (more details here).We will definitely be cramming in a day trip to Kew Gardens (can you believe we haven’t been yet?!) and a weekend trip or two up north to see our beautiful goddaughter, but we are looking forward to seeing which other locations we can squeeze in before the end of the year.

Ireland Roadtrip

A Pair of Passports: Our Remaining 2016 Travel Plans

Towards the end of October, we will be heading out on a short, 5 day roadtrip in Southwest Ireland. The plan is to fly into Cork, do a bit of exploring around there, then head to Killarney and base ourselves there to explore the Ring of Kerry. Kelly has been planning this trip for awhile, and it will consist of plenty of romantic B&Bs, castle photos, and Guinness for Sean. This trip is going to be the closest thing we do to a honeymoon this year – we’re calling it a minimoon!

Berlin, Germany

A Pair of Passports: Our Remaining 2016 Travel Plans

Yes, we already went to Berlin this year, but it was only for a weekend! Plus, now Kelly’s brother and his wife, Sarah, live there, so we have to go again! We had the chance to explore some of the major sites when we visited last, but did not have enough time to really get a feel for the city. Hopefully we have the chance to visit when there is some sort of festival on – we hear Berliners are pretty good at drinking!

Christmas Markets

A Pair of Passports: Our Remaining 2016 Travel Plans

After our trip to Alsace for Kelly and Sarah’s birthdays last year, Kelly is all about visiting a Christmas market for her birthday every year. The mulled wine, handmade trinkets, and carnival-like food was so enjoyable, and you can’t help but fall in love with the Christmas spirit! A weekend in Cologne is at the top of our list for this year, but we are open to suggestions. What’s your favourite European Christmas market?

Zermatt, Switzerland

A Pair of Passports: Our Remaining 2016 Travel Plans

Zermatt is a frequent trip for us (at least 1-2 times per year) because we have a place to stay out there. However, we have yet to spend Christmas together in Switzerland (Sean has previously with his family). This year, his family is trying to get all of the kids out there at once – if not for Christmas, then for New Years. We are crossing our fingers that we can make it work, and already salivating over the thought of fondue!

We are already diving into our 2017 travel planning, and cannot wait to share what we will be doing with you guys! Look out for posts on all of our remainder of 2016 adventures, and feel free to send any recommendations you have for the above our way.

Let’s get travelling!

Where would you like to see us travel in 2017?

Let us know in the comments below!

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