The Best Dog-Friendly Airbnbs in London

November 9, 2018
Dog Friendly Airbnbs in London - Pack the dog for your next dog-friendly adventure
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Do you dream of visiting London with your dog? The good news is that London is an incredibly dog-friendly city, with dog-friendly pubs, dog-friendly shops, and plenty of open spaces for nice, long walkies. But what about dog-friendly accommodation in London? Many London hotels are dog-friendly but, if you’re like us, staying in an Airbnb with a dog feels so much more natural. This is a list of 10 beautifully designed dog-friendly Airbnbs in London:

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Christmas in London: Why London is the BEST Place to Spend the Holidays

October 23, 2018
Christmas in London - London is the BEST place to spend the holidays. Find out why on

I’m a total Christmas nut, so it’s no surprise that I’m addicted to Christmas in London. Christmas in London is so festive and exciting, making it the perfect destination for any Christmas lover. The city gets decked out with Christmas lights, carolers pop up at train stations, and pubs become extra inviting with their promise of warm fires and mulled wine. When you’re not at home binge watching Netflix’s Christmas originals (ahem, A Christmas Prince, *swoon*), you’ll want to be out exploring the best of what London has to offer at Christmas.

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Wine Trips

Chasing WINEderlust: 15 Instagram Accounts All Wine Loving Travelers Need to Follow

October 8, 2018
15 wine Instagram accounts that everyone needs to follow.

I like wine. Sean likes wine. Together, we drink a lot of wine. We also love to travel. In fact, a lot of our travels revolve around wine because tasting new wines is something we love doing together. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we are majorly inspired by Instagram accounts dedicated to wine and travel. We call them ‘wine’derlust accounts!

To help fuel YOUR winederlust, we’ve made a list of Instagram accounts that feature our favorite things – wineries and wines and wine lovers from all over the world. Think you can handle it? Read on to check out our favorite instagram accounts dedicated to wine!

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End of Summer Glamping at Field725 Frome

October 4, 2018

Glamping is one of our favorite ways to experience the UK – we get to stay in the fresh air of the UK countryside without losing all of the luxuries of a hotel. And while it’s fun while the weather is warm in the summer, we’re learning to appreciate glamping even more in the shoulder season. Can you picture anything more romantic than cozying up around a fire with a bottle of wine to stay warm at night? So, when the idea of staying at one of the glamping sites listed on came up, we just knew that we had in one more glamping trip for the summer. We perused the glamping options on the website and ended up spending a weekend at Field725 in Frome, Somerset at the beginning of September. Which, in our opinion, is perfect glamping time!

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Beer Trips

The Best Craft Beer Cities in the World

September 13, 2018
Best Craft Beer Cities in the World - Where to Travel for Craft Beer - Best Beer Destinations

It seems like every city on this planet is rapidly turning into a great city for craft beer. And we’re not complaining! Craft beer is taking over the world, which means there are really cool bars, innovative breweries, and delicious beers no matter where you go. But with so many great options, how can you even begin to choose which craft beer city to visit next?

It’s no secret that we are huge beer (and wine!) lovers. Whenever we travel, we make it our mission to try local beers and wines. Along the way, we’ve had the chance to visit some of the best known beer destinations (Belgium, Germany, etc.) as well as discover some hidden gems (Volgograd, Russia is home to some of our favorite craft beer bars!). After the success of our wine regions around the world post, we decided to celebrate our love for beer with a similar post. This time, we teamed up with other bloggers to curate a list of the best craft beer cities in the world. Whether you’re looking for something local to you, or looking for a destination for your next big trip, you’ll find some major travel inspiration in this post!

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