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Finding the Romance in Oxford & Cambridge

December 8, 2016
Finding the Romance in Oxford & Cambridge, England Romantic Destinations

I am so excited to introduce a new series to the blog, called Finding the Romance, which will focus on romantic experiences around Europe (and the world!). As you know by now, Sean and I try to sneak a bit of romance into every trip we take. This can sometimes be a special meal or hotel experience, or simply just spending alone time together while traveling off-season.

However, beyond the major romantic experiences, there are some little things that make our trips super special. These are the experiences and moments that I look back on which make me smile the most. It’s not an incredible five course meal, or a bubble bath at a five-star hotel. Instead, it’s the incredible walks around charming districts, the unplanned road trips where we eat too much fast food and sing in the car, and the special moments that we spend with Giorgio when he is so happy it’s as if he is a puppy again.

It’s the moments where we were both looking at the same thing, or standing in the same place, and all I could think was, I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else.

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Gift Guide: A Unique JORD Wood Watch for the Stylish Traveler

December 6, 2016
JORD Dover Koa & Black - Men's Watch - Wooden Watch

Both of us have always been rather style conscious – well, Sean at least in recent years. While we do not spend our evenings dressing up for black tie events and neither of us have to wear a suit to work everyday, we do not necessarily “dress down” either. We both employ my favorite style label, “snappy casual”, quite regularly and naturally. We like to look and feel nice and purchase quality clothes and accessories as a result.

Okay, fine. Sean’s mom used to buy all of his clothes for him and now he and I go and pick out things for him together. He just wears what he finds in his wardrobe and everything is neutral enough to match anyway! Still, he likes nice things, and is actually snobbier than I am when it comes to trying a new brand. However, since my time working at Bow & Drape, I am always keen to try and support new fashion & tech brands, so was thrilled when JORD Wood Watches reached out to us!

Let me tell you. Tried & tested, by Sean (and yours truly – I stole his watch for a hot second), a JORD watch would make the perfect Christmas gift for your style-conscious traveling friend. The watches are adventurous, high quality, and super stylish. Whether in the mountains or the street, they’re sure to make a statement! Also, because they’re made 100% from wood, each design is fully unique – no cuts and patterns of wood are the exact same. So pick out a design that matches your friends personality and the exact watch that arrives will be theirs, and only theirs!

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Gift Guide: Bayan Audio Portable Speakers for the Techie Traveler

November 29, 2016
Travel with your favorite music with Soundbook GO: The best portable speakers for travelers | Bayan Audio Portable Speakers |

One thing that keeps us sane through long car journeys, loud plane journeys, and ridiculously crowded tube journeys is music. We both love listening to music through our headphones while traveling, occasionally sharing a pair when one phone dies or the music selection is just better. At home, we connect our phone to our Bluetooth speakers and blast our country playlists. Whether we’re cooking, cleaning, or just hanging around, it livens up our flat. We even put on a milder playlist when we are hosting or relaxing, just to have some background noise.

The thought of traveling with our speakers never occurred to us – we had a pair that we liked, and that were small enough, but we never felt the need to travel with them. Then, Bayan Audio introduced us to the Soundbook Go, and marketed it as a portable speaker. It instantly made so much sense! When they offered to send us a set in exchange for a review, we were thrilled. We charged them, set them up, and connected our phones the moment they arrived and have been obsessed ever since.

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Why Off-Season Travel is the Most Romantic

November 28, 2016
Travel in the off-season for the most romantic experience | Romance Travel | Travel with your Significant Other | Love & Travel

We took our first trip together in February 2015, when we went to Munich for Valentine’s Day weekend. I did not realize it at the time – in fact I’m just starting to realize it now – but that trip completely set us up for a lifetime of romance travel. I’m not talking couples massages and five star hotels, but rather a focus on finding the romance in our own way, every trip we take.

Our trips normally consist of one nice dinner, an incredible viewpoint, cheesy selfies in front of tourist attractions, and lots of walking. The walking includes holding hands, wandering down empty streets and popping into shops or cafes, discovering new neighborhoods, and admiring new landscapes. We take our time – we usually cram a lot into our trips since we have such a short period of time, but it never feels rushed. If we don’t get to it, there is always next time.

Romance travel isn’t necessarily about what you do, but who you are doing it with. It’s about focusing on each other while traveling, enjoying the moment together, creating memories together. Off-season travel gives you the time and space to do that, and I highly recommend it for any couple.

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Isle of Wight: An Off-Season Island Adventure

November 22, 2016
Isle of Wight, UK | Off-season Isle of Wight | Isle of Wight Weekend Trip

Visitors to the UK often remark on how small it is. Especially for Americans, it’s crazy to think that you can drive across your entire country in less than a day. But imagine experiencing the all the best parts of the UK in a region that you can drive across in ONE HOUR. Do you prefer country getaways, or seaside relaxation? Bustling towns or sleepy villages? Crashing waves or trickling streams? There’s no need to pick when you can have it all.

That’s impossible, you might say! A region that has ancient castles and modern palaces; sprawling fields and sandy beaches; breweries and vineyards; cosy pubs and gourmet restaurants, all within an hour drive? It exists, and it is called the Isle of Wight.

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